Looking back at the 2nd Transatlantic Conference on Personalized Medicine.


TCPM2015 took place on October 8th and 9th, at ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

We connected opinion leaders and decision makers from science, society, health care, policy and industry. Together we addressed the need to create platforms and pathways for introducing applications of personalized medicine in prevention, cure and care.

Our focus: Knowledge valorization and consortium building within the international science policy frameworks.

Our programme: Featured all dimensions of P4 medicine: personalized, preventive, predictive, participatory. Fields of cancer and cardiovascular diseases are highlighted, with special attention to Women’s Health, ‘Diabesity’ and Value Based Health Care.

Participants included scientists, medical specialists, patients and patient representatives, policy makers, representives from life sciences companies and health insurance organizations.




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Erasmus MC is the initiator of TCPM2013 and TCPM2015.


The Erasmus Conferences on Personalized Medicine:

  • Connect science, society, health care, industry and policy in Personalized Medicine
  • Identify ready-to-use Pmed knowledge and applications
  • Targeting prevention, diagnostics cure and care
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