Combat obesity


tcpmlogo_iconTo combat obesity, let your doctor count your daily steps. So many diseases are linked to our daily lifestyles.

Wearable technology is surging in popularity. Now it’s time to let doctors access this data, according to Professor Tim Lobstein, Director of Policy at the World Obesity Federation. Lobstein is involved in the EU’s DAPHNE project to improve doctors’ access to fitness data.

‘People are becoming interested in gadgets to help improve their fitness, improve their lifestyles, monitor their eating behavior and so on. The question is, can we use sensors or other forms of monitoring in conjunction with phone apps, and relay the information up through a cloud-based server so that your doctor can see how you are progressing?

Lobstein: “So many diseases are linked to our daily lifestyles. We propose to use these modern technologies to allow the doctor greater insight into how you are living your life. We’re looking at where people are perhaps a bit overweight, they’ve gone to their doctor, and their doctor has recommended that they start making some lifestyle changes.”

Read the full article at Horizon, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine

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