Technology supports diabetic patients


tcpmlogo_icon Diabetes leads to early death and poor quality of life. Patients and health care professionals will now be able to partner up and manage the illness in more effective ways.

Diabetes affects around 10 % of the population. The REACTION project has developed technologies to help diabetic patients and their doctors. The study was completed in February 2014. REACTION project coordinator Lydia Montandon looks back: “The main goal of REACTION was to investigate how ICT can support patients and health care professionals in managing diabetes. The result is an intelligent service platform that can be used for remote monitoring and therapy management.”


Active role for patients in their care

The scientists developed a number of ICT tools, including GlucoTab®. This is a tablet-based system that advises doctors, nurses and patients on the best treatment. Patients can use the system to keep a close eye on their symptoms and their vital signs. They can then share these readings with their doctor or nurse.

Nurses and doctors said that the GlucoTab® system helped them to create better care plans for their patients. The improved on-site documentation and predictions provided by the system meant that they could give more accurate doses of insulin. The result is that patients’ glucose levels stayed far more stable in the recommended target range.

Involvement of patients and professionals in research

The REACTION project has involved patients and healthcare providers since its start. At every stage the users of the system have given feedback that has helped the researchers to design a system that is effective and intuitive.

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