About Transatlantic Conferences on Personalized Medicine

Our Conferences on Personalized Medicine will bring together opinion leaders and decision makers from science, society, health care, policy and industry. Together we will address the need to create platforms and pathways for introducing applications of personalized medicine in prevention, cure and care.

TCPM editions focus on knowledge valorization and consortium building within the international science policy frameworks.


Connecting science, society, health care, industry and policy in Personalized Medicine

Identifying ready-to-use Pmed knowledge and applications

Targeting prevention, diagnostics cure and care


Those invited include scientists, medical specialists, patients and patient representatives, policy makers, representives from life sciences companies and health insurance organizations.


Transdisciplinary: facilitating cross-overs by pointing out best practice in specialist fields

Translational: starting from basic research and paving the way to serve the needs of health care consumers

Transatlantic: interacting between thinkers and innovators from both sides of the pond


Erasmus MC is the initiator of TCPM. Modern medicine is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Its focus is shifting from disease to wellness. Erasmus MC professionals apply this novel approach in scientific research and in everyday patient care.


‘Meet’ the Erasmus MC TCPM2015 Program Committee.

Read the Erasmus MC quotes on Personalized Medicine by Professor Roland Kanaar, Dr. Liesbeth van Rossum, Dr. Maryam Kavousi and Dr. Jan Hazelzet.

Join us and let’s bring personalized medicine solutions into clinical practice


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